Campus Map

Here is the current campus map (note that due to the new building, an updated map will soon be available):


New Campus (coming Fall 2016)

Acquiring adequate shade for the Franklin campus is one of the top priorities of the BFEF. However, as the immersion program continues to outgrow its current campus, formulating the new Franklin Campus Plan has become a district priority. The BFEF has been diligently adding trees and have removed fencing that was cutting students off from the shaded areas but have exhausted the possibility of putting up a shade structure while the entire campus is in the process of being redesigned.


Our new building, being funded by Measure S, is in the design/mechanical drawing phase, scheduled for construction to begin Fall of 2014. Meanwhile, the BFEF has been working with GUSD and an environmental group called North East Trees in developing a concept proposal for Prop 84 Urban Greening Grant from the State. This is a $1M grant to improve the quality of life for students at Franklin and the nearby neighborhood. We were notified on June 3rd, 2014, that we were awarded this grant from almost 200 applicants. From the proposal:

With the promise of the Urban Greening grant, the BFEF and our partners have re-imagined the campus as a diverse and green landscape featuring outdoor classrooms, topographical accents, and play areas, where a set of berms and depressions carve up the asphalt yard. These features will reduce the heat island effect, increase water conservation with permeable surfaces, increase shade, and reduce air pollution from the adjacent freeway and industrial zones. With funding from this grant, over 45,000 SF of asphalt will be removed from the playground area and replaced with permeable surfaces including 12,000 SF of open space for morning line up and assemblies. Funds will provide a 250 LF planted bioswale, a 1,353 SF native learning garden, native plantings, 37 new shade trees, garden labs, rain garden seating and a 6,000 SF landform amphitheater.
Enhanced perimeter campus areas will welcome the general public with a community gathering area and continuous paths along water-conserving rain gardens, bioswales, habitat gardens, and vine-planted fences.

Construction will be concurrent with the construction of the new school. So by Fall 2016 Franklin will be a model of sustainability, conservationism, and will have reduced air pollution and heat island affect on the campus and for the neighborhood. Plus, we will have a new building to accommodate our growing population and a beautiful and healthy campus for our students to learn and play.


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