Classroom FAQs

How do I find out what is going on at Franklin Magnet and in my child’s classroom?

  1. Explore this great school website!
  2. Visit your teacher’s Class Page (in the left hand column).
  3. Join your classroom Google group, to post messages to all classroom parents.
  4. Sign up for Weekly Blast.
  5. View your classroom’s private calendar of events, visible to class Google group members only (if your class chooses to create one).

How do I join my classroom’s Google group and get access to the calendars and directories?

  1. Sign in/up for Google Docs.  You do not need a gmail email address (although it makes it easier), you can sign up for a Google Account with any email. This is highly recommended but only necessary to see directories and shared material other than calendar.
  2. Join your classroom Google group. Make sure to use the same email address that you used to sign up for Google Docs. You can either:
    1. Click on the link of the invitation you will receive from your room rep.
    2. Follow the link from your teacher’s Class Page, and request access. You will have to wait for approval from the room rep, please identify yourself when you request access.

Are there any guidelines for using the Google Groups?

Yes. You can find them by following this link.

How do I find out about school-wide events?

Consult the school calendar on this website and sign up for Weekly Blast.

How do I find out about classroom events?

Consult the classroom calendar. Your room rep will send out a notification with a link to the classroom calendar when it is complete. You need to be signed in into the group to see it. (This will be posted in October, if your class chooses to create one.)

How do I send a message to all parents in my class?

Send an email to franklin-[teachersname] (for example Carbajal’s Kindergarten class would be, or go to, (the same example would be click on Discussions on the right, then on New post, or on an existing thread to follow up on it. Note that only group members can message a group.

How do I share a document of spreadsheet with my classroom?

Create the doc or spreadsheet in Google Docs then click “Share” in the upper right corner, and in the “Add people” box, enter the class Google email address (described above).  Note that the document could be, at your choice, editable by the group members. Think “volunteer sign-up” or “classroom potluck: what do I bring”.

How do I gather information from each family from the classroom?

Create a form in Google Docs, and email  it to the class Google email address (described above).  A spreadsheet with the results will automatically be filled. Think “are you coming to the park today: yes/no”.

How do I add a classroom event?

Classroom reps and/or the teacher have the power to add classroom-wide event. Please email them and ask them to do that for you.

I already use or want to use electronic calendars. How do I sync these calendars to my calendar program (iCal, Outlook, etc.)?

The calendars are available in iCal format which is ready to be imported into your favorite calendar program. If you use Google Calendar, follow this link. For other devices, please research how to add a calendar in iCal format. Note that the calendars will be automatically updated with new events. Also, note that to visualize events on the classroom calendar, you need to be signed in your classroom Google Group.

I will forget all of this! What is the one link I should bookmark?

This page!

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