Drop Off & Pick Up

Safety is our greatest concern during drop off and pick up.  It is important to bring your child to school on time – in line by 8:05, and to pick your child up on time – Dismissal for K is 1:15 (TH 1:05); 1st-3rd is 2:15 (TH 1:05); 4th-6th is 2:40 (TH 1:15). Make childcare arrangements if you are unable to pick your child up on time. The office staff is not responsible for student supervision. Remember to be respectful of our neighbors, neighborhood, and traffic laws. Do not block or park in driveways, double park, or make u-turns in the middle of the street. Make sure to always use crosswalks for safety and also to set a good example of following rules. Please adhere to the following guidelines to help us ensure your child’s safety. Thank you in advance for following the direction of all staff/volunteers with kindness and respect.



All students enter through the Winchester gate in the morning. Student are to be in line on the playground before 8:05. Arrive early to avoid traffic.  The gate is open by 7:40 and there is supervision on the playground. You may park and walk your child to the gate.  Non-staff adults will not be allowed to enter through the gate after the first day of school. Students will not be allowed through the front office unless it is after 8:05 when the gate closes.  Students entering after 8:05 will receive a tardy.

Drive Through: K-6 grades – Winchester Gate: Enter coned lane and proceed to the cone closest to the drop off gate. Volunteers will guide you. Keep your child buckled in and seated until you stop. If your child needs assistance getting out of the car (including being unbuckled), please park and walk your child to the gate. Students should be ready to exit the car when the car stops. Say your goodbyes early. Backpacks need to be with the students or in the front seat (not in trunk). Drive slowly (under 5 miles per hour) and do not exit the lane from the middle of the lane, but wait until you have passed all cones, even if your child is already out of the car.  Be aware of the drive through lane on Lake Street as you exit. Do NOT use Randall to turn into the Winchester Drop Off Lane. It creates gridlock and makes it difficult for students to cross the street safely.

Drive Through: 2nd-6th grade – Students who are able to exit the car without assistance and walk to the Winchester Gate INDEPENDENTLY, may be dropped off on Lake Street in front of the school.
Enter coned lane from Lake only and drive forward as far as possible. Once your child has exited the vehicle, they will walk around to the Winchester gate by themselves. There will be adults to direct students. Do not exit lane between cones and do not make a U-turn.

PICK UP – Arrive Promptly

Kindergarten:  You must park (do not block or park in driveways) and come to sign out your child.  Pick up is from the kindergarten playground on the corner of Lake and Justin.  There will be signs posted for which gate each teacher exits.

Drive Through – Winchester: 1st-6th grade:  Display your student name card on your dashboard. You will receive this at Back-to-School Night.  Until then, you may make your own or use last year’s card if you have one. Proceed to the cone closest to the pick-up gate. Volunteers will guide you. Come to a complete stop and only pick up children at designated cones. Drive slowly (under 5 miles per hour), and do not exit the lane from the middle of the lane even if your child is already in the car. Follow the directions of all staff/volunteers. If your child is not at the gate when you arrive, please be prepared to circle the block.

Walking Gate – Winchester: 1st-6th grade: Enter Cone Zone on sidewalk and line up against the fence, only when your child’s class is out. Once you pick up your child, please exit cone area entirely. Do not block the sidewalk. Be mindful of conversations too close to the school building as classes are in session until 2:40. Follow directions of the staff/volunteers.

VOLUNTEERS: If you would like to volunteer for morning drop off, please inform the front office or PTA president, Gloria Martin at salsatapatio@yahoo.com.

Drop-Off Pick-Up Guidelines

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