Visits and Volunteer Policy


Welcome to Franklin Magnet School.  We encourage parent and community involvement in the school in order to enrich the instructional program by increasing learning opportunities, providing supportive services to teachers and staff and enhancing community understanding and support of public education.  In order to protect instructional time and maintain a safe campus, parents/caregivers and volunteers shall adhere to the following guidelines (BP 1240; AR 1240; BP 1250):

Volunteer Requirements

  • All volunteers shall be tested for tuberculosis (TB) within 60 days before the volunteer service begins and present evidence of being free from tuberculosis (AR 1240: A.4). The TB test is good for four years and then must be renewed.
  • Volunteers must understand and follow the Parent/Community Involvement Policy and must sign the school Volunteer Confidentiality and Expectations Affidavit.

Visiting the Campus

All parents/caregivers/visitors shall sign in and visibly wear a badge when on campus and sign out upon leaving (BP 1250: B).  Parents/caregivers/visitors may not deliver lunches, books, homework, projects, etc. directly to the classroom and will not have direct access to the classroom unless prior arrangements have been made with the teacher and the office has notification. After the first week of school, parents/caregivers will not be allowed to walk students to their line in the morning.  Visitors of any kind shall not interfere with the operation of the school or the instructional program. (BP1250: C)

Note:  If a parent/caregiver/visitor is on campus for a particular reason (i.e. an assembly, paying the cafeteria, attending a PTA committee meeting, etc.), they will not be permitted to drop-in on the classroom unless prior arrangements have been made with the teacher (AR 6116).

Classroom Observation (non-volunteer)

Visits to individual classrooms may be scheduled through the classroom teacher or site administrator and will be limited [to approximately 20 minutes] (BP 1250-A).

Volunteering in Classroom

Teachers may request volunteers for the classroom.  Only volunteers who are scheduled will be allowed access to the classroom (AR 6116).  Some teachers may choose not to utilize classroom volunteers during the instructional day.

Volunteering School-wide (including lunch time)

Lunch Volunteers:  Must attend mandatory training and must be scheduled by the Franklin administrative team.  Drop-ins will not be permitted. Lunch volunteers will be limited to helping in the lunch shelter in the following ways: guiding students to line up and enter the cafeteria, cleaning off tables and sweeping, or organizing lunch boxes and lost and found items.

Committee Volunteers:  All committee meetings (PTA, BFEF, Yearbook, etc.) must be prescheduled and calendared with the Administrative Secretary.


  • ATTIRE: Please maintain appropriate attire for a school setting.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY:  It is extremely important that you do not talk about students observed while you are volunteering.  Please respect student and parent rights.  If an incident occurs, it is the teacher’s/administrator’s responsibility to contact the parent. It is important to be respectful of the privacy of others.
  • DISCIPLINE: Volunteers may not discipline students. If a situation occurs between students at school, whether it involves your child or other children, please notify the teacher and/or school officials to take care of the discipline. Never involve students in conversation regarding personal inquiries, etc.
  • ELECTRONIC DEVICES:  Electronic listening or recording devices and/or photography may be used for assemblies or performances, but may not be used without the teacher and/or principal’s permission on campus at other times. Cell phones should not be used during volunteering or visiting unless there is an emergency situation. Cell phones should always be on silent mode.  (BP 1250: D)
  • EQUIPMENT: Use school equipment (in the workroom) ONLY after being trained through the Teacher Specialists’ office and only during designated volunteer times 8:15-9:40 AM and 1:00-2:00 PM.  If there is a problem with the equipment, please notify someone in the Teacher Specialists’ office.  Do not try to fix it yourself.  If a staff member needs to make copies, let them go first as they have limited time. Some equipment is for teacher use only; please respect that. Make sure to leave the workroom clean after you use it. Be attentive to putting the safety latch on the cutting boards. Please do not use the laminator. For safety reasons, children are not allowed to be in the workroom at any time.
  • GOOGLE GROUPS: Refer to Google Group guidelines/policy on school website.
  • LEARNING ENVIRONMENT:  Please remember that we need to create an environment that is optimum for learning.  Do not have conversations in the hallways or outside of classrooms.
  • OFFICE:  Please remember that the front office is a work place and for staff only. If you are volunteering and need office assistance, please go to the front window.  Also remember that staff members are busy doing their jobs and are not always able to provide immediate assistance.
  • SIBLINGS and/or OTHER CHILDREN:  Volunteers should not bring siblings and/or other non-Franklin students onto campus during the school day.
  • SUPERVISION: Work only with students under the direction and the proximity of a supervising teacher or staff member.  Volunteers shall perform only those services authorized at the school by an employee of the district or an appropriate designee. (AR 1240: A2 & 3)

Please remember that volunteering for the school is a privilege not a right; Violation of procedures or confidentiality may cause school authorities to suspend that privilege.

Franklin Volunteer Policy Form


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