Ways to get involved

Our first big volunteer event is the Jump-A-Thon on October 27th.  We need help spreading the word about this important fundraiser, even if it is simply telling grandparents, friends, aunts, and uncles, to help support your child.  ALL proceeds benefit our BFEF programs.  If you are able to help the day of the event, please contact Angela Prieto (aprieto2@mac.com) and/or Maureen Cassidy (mcassidy22@gmail.com).

Sign up to help with a New Prospective Parent Tour.  There are 12 tour dates from late September through January.  This is a 1 ½ hour commitment right after drop off on selected dates.

Sign up at the following link.

  • Solicit donations for the Gala and Silent Auction.  We need help getting out to local businesses, finding product, or putting together experiences.  No donation is too small or big!  If we start this solicitation now, imagine how grand our Silent Auction and Gala will be!  This does not have to require a lot of time.  Ask your favorite restaurants, studios, and hang-outs if they will donate to our great school (we have a non-profit tax id and special forms to make this very easy for you).  Contact Sandra Stadler for forms, interest, and information: sandras@yahoo.com
  • Be a part of the Science Fair Committee.  You do not need to run or manage this endeavor alone.  It has taken place for the last two years with all the resources available to a willing committee.  Or think outside the box and make it new.  The sky is the limit!  The preparation does not take long and can be done by sending out e-mails and flyers a month before the event.  The actual Science Fair is a week- long collection of materials at drop off and one day of student presentation.  Work the hours that fit your schedule.  Contact Janet Atienza if you want to get involved: jatienza00@gmail.com
  • Join the Fearless Film Festival Crew.  We know we are lucky to live among many talented and creative members of “the industry”.  Our school is filled with creative movie makers.  The kids just need a format, venue, and red carpet!  This is the third year this is taking place.  Much of the work is already done.  The Film Festival does not take place until April of 2017!  Please contact Janet Atienza if you want to get involved: jatienza00@gmail.com
  • Our Green Team can always use a network of volunteers.  If want to be added to this list, please contact Hannah Maximova (hannahmaximova@gmail.com ) and/or AnnBernice Kalec (annbernicekalec@gmail.com)
  • Our kiln is up and running.  If you want to help your child’s class with the loading and unloading of the kiln, and/or clay instruction, please contact your child’s teacher directly.  For training or general ceramic inquiries, please contact Hannah Maximova (hannahmaximova@gmail.com ).
  • Finally, help us find Sponsorships!  We can actually lasso the moon if everyone had one big donor connection.  This can be done from the comfort of your own home, office, or group of friends.  If you have experience finding donors or have connections we should contact, please pass them on.  Soliciting donations is much easier when you know who to talk to.  Contact Maureen Cassidy:  mcassidy22@gmail.com

Franklin is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual school.  We need help contacting specialized language businesses and organizations.  We need help reaching out to Spanish, Mexican, Italian, French, German, Austrian, Swiss, etc.  Consulates.  If we can get native speakers to call or write letters, imagine the possibilities and money we could generate.  Contact Maureen Cassidy (mcassidy22@gmail.com ) and/or Kim Perner (Kimperner@yahoo.com)

We are also looking for two additional board members: Enrichment Co-Chair & 1 other Chair: Fundraising/Grant Writing/Parent Outreach.  Board responsibilities include attending monthly meetings and supporting other members.  Please contact Kim Perner for job descriptions or questions at kimperner@yahoo.com.

We are always coming up with fun ways to involve our families and keep our wonderful community feeling a sense of togetherness.  We will undoubtedly have more events at some point this year that we will need help with.

We are currently only 11 creative minds…we are always wanting to find new and innovative ideas to bring new programs to our school and fund the ones we already know are wonderful!  If you came from another school or preschool that found success, please share how they did it!

We need your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas!

Feel free to e-mail us, come to a meeting (the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30 in the library), or find any one of us at drop off or pick-up.

We are fueled by the enthusiasm and support of the parents.  It makes our countless hours totally worth it!

Thank you again for your time last Wednesday and please don’t hesitate to ask us how you can help!

If you have general questions, or want to be added to our volunteer list, please e-mail or copy Nira Casey at nira4franklin@gmail.com


Your BFEF Foundation Executive Board

German- Kim Perner, AnnBernice Kalec, Sandra Stadler, Claudia Splichal

French- Hannah Maximova, Diana Mathieu, Janet Atienza

Italian- Janet Rasic, Carrie Maher, Maureen Cassidy

Spanish- Kristi Toia, Maureen Cassidy


Look for up-to-date Information on our website:  https://franklinmagnetschool.org/

Or check out our Franklin Facebook Page: Friends-of-Franklin-Magnet-Elementary-School-Glendale-CA

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